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Runecessor - OSRS - Were Back

Your Home Since 2014 - Welcome Back - Runescape Reloaded A Server made for YOU BY YOU - Active Staff - Some Customs - Great Community - Quests - Achievements - Discord - Pets Custom Pets - Competitive High Scores - All Working Skills - OSRS More Bosses - Frequent Updates - Minigames

Phrimos - 317 Loading OSRS Data

Welcome to Phrimos The server is ran and hosted by Rootaw40. We are based off the dawntained base 100 credits to the DT team. We are a mixture of PKing and Economy, but were more focused on economy. We have many features, such as the Skilling Boss, where you have to skill to kill it YOU ALSO GET...

Zeah - The Sixth Age

- Automated OSRS GP Vouchers every 35 minutes Exchange with staff for free OSRS GP - Automated PokeCoins to buy PotionsPokeballs at the Poke PC - Pokemon Stadium, an interactive player vs player battle, where you can battle your Pokemon, just like a gameboy battle, except with staking. Every Pokemon Move...


new custom rsps come today looking staff many custom zonesnormal bosses custom items dragonball armors


Welcome to Unleashed We are a customs server with constant daily updates Feel free to hop and do a visit


FEATURES 247 Uptime. Amazing ECO PvM PK markets. No lag. Friendly staff. Best support. Professional developers. OSRS CONTENT. Shift-click dropping. Fixed, Resizeable, or Fullscreen mode. HD or SD Mode. 30 Bosses. Brand new content EVERY month.

Akira RSPS

Akira RSPS is a OSRS style ECO server, online 247 with 99.9 uptime ENTERING BETA SOON Custom Items, AutoVote, AutoDonations, Fully working skills, InfernoInfernal Cape Infernal Max Cape, 30 OSRS Bosses, Item and Cash Gambling, Friday Lotteries, Daily Rewards, Weekly Reward, Fullscreen, Pets MORE...


Welcome to MagmaScape Young Family Member. We strive to do our best at making you feel at home, where family matters. I have a passion for creating and working in a community which people have a good understanding on one another. In such a community where others will sacrifice self greed to help out...

HyperionBR 718 742

HyperionBR servidor totalmente brasileiro Servidor com tima funcionalidade, muito divertido com uma quantia moderada de jogadores onlines por dia, est esperando o que para vir conhecer HyperionBR

OS Kingdom - Where Heroes become Kings

Welcome to OS Kingdoms official advertisement thread Here at OS Kingdom we strive to emulate some of OSRSs best features and content. We currently have over 20 up to date bosses to choose from. We also have 5 mini-games such as Raids, Districts and Clan Wars . Content aside, OS Kingdom offers a great...

Brutal Ps - The 1 Custom Rsps

Best custom rsps out to date, over 40 players online daily come join the grind


Small OSRS server intended for a small community, we have lots of bosses, custom and unique content, also friendly staff and friendly players. We also give away free mystery boxes every friday

Zyro667 RSPS

We thrive on the community Every Player has a say on what we update. I am on daily coding for my players taking there suggestions and making them a reality We are a brand new server so put ur time in and youll become a staff member

Ramboed - 1 OSRS for PK and PVM RSPS

Join Ramboed RSPS as the name suggests, the main focus here is PK and PVM. Pulsating Combat All Skills Trainable Solid Economy 20 Minigames Hundreds active daily Frequent updates Experienced Management

Invicta-Pk - The 1 PK RSPS - Free Mbox RSPS

Welcome to Invicta-Pk The 1 PK RSPS Download start pking instantly Pking , Skilling , Bossing , Minigames , Customs , Custom pets.

PoonScape - Brand new server RSPS

Some Key features OSRS Data, Bank Tabs, Dupe Free Stable Economy, Fluid Smooth Client Fullscreen Resizeable,, Tons of Minigames, Perfect Skilling, Flawless Combat, Achievements, Huge Variety of Bosses Including Zulrah Prestige Endless Fun and much much more First 10 people will recieve a Ultra Mystery Box.

Violence RSPS

Welcome to Violence, we are Brand-New. Violence has been in non-stop development for the past Year, with a goal of surpassing all PK based servers and claiming the 1 spot. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on advertising, Violence...

LegendScape Server RSPS

LegendScape is a private RuneScape server. No shop, no donation, and no P2W. Join us now

FunPS ---- 718 RSPS RSPS

lots of fun join today fun bosses and stable drops you wont regret joining custom items and More looking for staff Active Players joining every day

OsPysea RSPS

NEW SERVER 100 OSRS Consistent Updates Tons of Bosses Trading Post Full Raids Inferno Rev Caves Achievement Diaries Amazing Gameplay Community Driven JOIN NOW

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