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Project Ilyneos Eco  PvP RSPS

FIRST 20 PLAYERS RECEIVE FREE MEMBERSHIP 247 Uptime Friendly Staff Looking for Server Supports Boss Pets Curses 24 Bosses Vote rewards Vote bonus experience Amazing Economy Shift-Click dropping Treasure Trails 10 Minigames Quick Prayers Kill Tracker NO Lag Experienced

Virtua  23 bosses  10 minigames  Eco-based RSPS

Why vote for us If you enjoy playing the server, and wish to see it grow bigger, you should vote daily so we can get more noticed on toplists. Featuring OVER bosses, 10 FULLY-working minigames, and loads of content coming soon

Vestige-x OSRS  Customs  Community Driven Experience RSPS

Vestige-x Returns with an OSRS server. Back in late 2011 Vestige-x was a popular customs server. Vestige-x became fairly well known and shortly after, customs servers started appearing left, right and center. We were the first server to showcase the now infamous Pokemon models - Granted they were unanimated...

ClassicKBD - Custom RSClassic. RSPS

Max Stat 150. Fast Exp Rates No Website Registration required. Just Download and login with a new name. Custom Items, Monsters, objects, landscape and much more. you will be winrar and java installed to play.


Some features Balanced Combat Triangle Flawless Switching PvP LeaderBoard New Server - Fresh Economy All Skills Working Easy, Medium, Elite Slayer Tasks. FULL Construction Shooting Stars Evil Trees Team Dungeoneering Curses 100 achievements Wilderness Bosses Tons of MinigamesBarrows, Fight Caves Fire cape...

New RsPS-pets-new home-disco Armor and more RSPS

We just started the new rsps MithrilScape you should check it out today


317 Inferno OSRS Content 247 Uptime Autovote and Donate 25 Bosses

Baucomia RSPS

Instant pk, Raids, All pvm monsters, slayer including ceberus,Pk minigame,Dicinggambling,flawless duel arena play now play now play now

RuneLegion RSPS

Great server with an active owner, Frequent updates. If you want to see something implemented please give us all the suggestions you have PACKED with content with more to come. Come checkout RuneLegion today

RelixScape RSPS RSPS

Welcome to RelixScape New server just opening up, friendly players staff, brand new economy for all to join. So much to do, from thieving for start cash, to killing Corporeal Beasts for bank Plenty of bosses added

Vital X - The choice of Hundreds.. - 317, Blood Money, Economy, Points Shops, Fast XP RSPS

Economy - PK - Customs - Active Staff - Active Community - Dragon Claws - Vesta - Statius - Dragon Warhammer - Toxic Blowpipe - Blood Money and so much more

Ragefire RSPS RSPS

Ragefire RSPS Acting Pking Gambling 50 Custom Items Unique Interfaces Staking Inferno Raids Daily Updates No Lag Soul Wars Castle Wars Prestige Ranking System

Valajar  RSPS

Great server to enjoy Pk Custom phats of worth Bosses more and more to come Boxes Great drops Skilling Join the fastley growing family

Arceuus - OSRS  Raids - Vorkath - Zulrah  MORE RSPS

Join the newest OSRS RuneScape Private Server innovation

Regenerationx - eco - oldschool RSPS

We have tons of Unique content that will not be seen anywhere else, Most content is entirely from scratch and you need to check this out now

ExtionScape RSPS

ExtionScape its an Old School RS with higher exp rates, farm places, beginner sets, pvp and a lot more. We have an experienced team which gonna help u with ur questions if u request it.

HeroScape 608k Hits RSPS

Content Management System - Old school RS news system - Clan system - MikeRSWeb Remake Script preserved from 09 - Forums - Donation ticket system - Downloads page - Signature Avatar - Forgotten Password - Email registration system You dont need to confirm email tho - Private messaging system - Friends list -...


Hello and Welcome to ForsakenRSPS Toplist page. We offer a very unique Oldschool Experiance with Daily Updates with a Support Team that really does listen to the Community. Currently our server is in Beta with a average of around 10 Players. We Currently hold a uptime of 99.9 Down Time being Updates ...

ScapeRune 462 - Professional 2007 Emulator RSPS

ScapeRune is a RuneScape emulator based on the 462 cache, which dates back to the middle of Summer 2007 July 4th, 2007. We believe that RuneScape played a very big part in all of our Summers of 2007, and that this era will give players enough content to keep things stirred up while still maintaining that...

DemonScape RSPS

An Old School RuneScape based private server with minimal customs, looking for dedicated players. Staff positions available Release date August 1st - Oldschool RSPS RSPS

PK, Economy, and Ironman Modes - Inferno - Revenants - Bounty Hunter - Perfect Bosses - Grand Exchange - Quests - Hiscores

RunixScape RSPS

718-742 Server with lots of custom bosses and items, Skilling and questing. Daedric armor and weapons Tormented King armor and weapons Come join today


Economy server basic 525 looking for more playing and trying to build a great community. -skidvision


Currently working on either an Rsps 830 or 876. Looking for players to get to know for staff positions, and looking for a community. If you are interested visit the site and get to know the developers.

SteroidsPk RSPS

Welcome to SteroidsPk, We are a Runescape Private Server on Steroids. Instant Pking Semi-Spawn Perfect Eco Pk Ticket System Bounty System Clan Pking Pre-Eoc Custom Bosses Minigames Skilling And lots more, Try it yourself

Tibikra Great server for PvM and PvP RSPS

Small but friendly community, Active PvM and PvP. Pets. Highscores with rewards and much more


Afrinity is a 742 server that moved its focus into RS3 content recently, it is still brand new, it has an active development team, who works hard to release constant weekly updates and content to our lovely community. It is still in its early production stage. Our Vision Getting a bit personal, i have...

Arlania - Perfect mixture of OSRS  Pre-EOC RSPS

Active Community Perfect mixture of Pre-Eoc OSRS Gambling Ironman Modes 1 Tick Combat Achievements FlawlessDuo Slayer Dungeoneering Full Construction Summoning All Minigames Custom Titles High Scores Boss Pets

Chivalry RSPS

Looking for a server unlike any others What do we offer - Shooting Stars Evil Tree - Minigames such as Soul Wars - Awesome accurate skilling Slayer Prestige 120 Achievements and Daily Tasks Client Settings - Play how you want Active PK Community

MillionszScape RSPS

directdownload httpmillionszScape.commillionszlauncher.jar

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