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Flawless Pking. -247 uptime with no lag. -Automatic Donator system. -Automatic voting system. - Great Economy, supporting cash bags for items worth more then 2147m.. -commands. -Gamble. -All skills work -23 Bosses -Playerkilling active -Training teleports -Bonds 5 to 250 -Donator stores 12 -Voting shopPvm...


Friendly Staff Many Bosses Fast XP rates High drop chance every day is a giveawey join now Check it out, Today

RealityX718  Player based  Active community  RSPS

Realityx is a fast growing server aiming to perfect the game play for the players by basing the server on player suggestions. Noteable Features 99.99 Uptime Stable Economy. Active community Player based Unique voting system Full bank system Unique Daily Tasks Resource box PvM based server Game xpdrop modes...

MapleScape RSPS

We are happy to announce the Launch of the revamped MapleScape We have many different types of content for you to enjoy know that you will. If you like pvming or pvp you will be more than welcome in our great community. The amount of content we have is vast and ever-growing.

Lost World RSPS

Lost World is an OSRS 317 server with a custom feel to it. We supply loads of content to our players, including a lot of minigames, custom minigames and OSRS as well as custom bosses. We also have wilderness events, ironman modes, Prestiges and loads more Join today to see all our content

 Valyria 530 - Pick your XP rate  Quests  24 Skills  Stable ECO  Daily UpdatesEvents  OSRS ItemsBossesPets RSPS

Minigames - Barrows, Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, God Wars, Mage Arena, Mage Training Arena, Pest Control, Puro Puro, Tzhaar Fight Caves, Duel Arena, Tzhaar Fight Pits, Warriors Guild Bosses - Giant Mole, King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings, Bork, God War Bosses, Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Callisto, Vetion,...

Destyiny RsPs 50 donations given to best players make money RSPS

Destyiny RsPs 50 donations given to best players make money playing an RSPS Great Classic Vencillio Based Server With New Custom Interfaces, Minigames, Bosses, Items And Content Great Art Work Great new interfaces and hourly reward systems Raid system, Event bosses,

Golden-Age RSPS

Introducing you to Golden-Age RSPS A 2006 Remake with 1x Xp rate Growing community Friendly staff Daily updates 24/7 Uptime Come and see for yourself! The best 06 remake out there at this very moment

Brand New OSRS Server - EliteScape RSPS

Set in the year when RuneScape was at its best, relive all the all the most legendary moments of your favourite game

RuneWorld - Fight against intelligent pvp bots RSPS

Who better to help us improve the game than the ones that travel down the road with us. We highly value community input. The time that you invest into helping us improve the game, we shall use to make this more of a memorable experience for everyone.

Paradigm - Creating an Authentic OSRS Experience RSPS

Paradigm is making strides to create the ultimate old-school adventure. Whether youre into PVM, PVP, or just casual playing with friends - we aim to provide the most enjoyable experience thatll keep you coming back for more. Register today to have your say in how we create the ultimate adventure

District-x RSPS

Hello, District-x is a brand new rsps. Tons of content. FFA MINI GAME Boss point Instant bossing shooting starevil tree

Ventrix -NEW- Revs  Raids  Vorakth  Active  317 RSPS

Ventrix is a server that not only had the great OSRS Pre-EoC experience, but also a custom feel to stand out from most of the RSPSs in the industry today. Its 6 months of work and has more and more coming everyday. We really believe in the long-term game, so were constantly going to be pushing awesome...

Crown - Rsps  1 Gambling Server  Join Now RSPS

MMORPG Crown-Rsps With content to please most, our environment is user friendly to ensure satisfaction in gameplay With 200 achievements, Scam-proof gambling, duel arena, Many Bosses, Wilderness pvp, Many Minigames and a flawless economy structure, weekly updates. we keep our players occupied and satisfied...

Zanaris-Ps  RSPS

Safe Dicing | Mbox Opening interface || Ikov-Like Gameplay | Active Community | Gambling | Ironman Modes |1 Tick Combat | Achievements | Flawless/Duo Slayer | Dungeoneering | Full Construction | Summoning | All Minigames | Custom Titles | High Scores

 Aleron  RSPS

Hello people and welcome on this Page My in-game name is Eliyahu and i want to Introduce to you, Aleron. This Project is new, under construction and ready for the World to be explored. Active Members will help us get strong and known all over the World. Feel free to check it out and become part of a new...

Ramboed - 1 OSRS for PK and PVM RSPS

Join Ramboed RSPS as the name suggests, the main focus here is PK and PVM. Pulsating Combat All Skills Trainable Solid Economy 20 Minigames Hundreds active daily Frequent updates Experienced Management

Sunlux RSPS

An old school runescape Server completely free and ready to be ran by you the players Come relax and hangout with us and help us grow larger and much better

Tempest RSPS

Tempest is a OldSchool based private server with an amazing community and tons of content which will definitely leave you options on which boss you want to kill, we have over 100 pets on our server, boss pets , skilling pets , regular pvm pets and more Were definitely trying to stay away from PayToWin...

Fatality 614 RSPS

Fatality614 is back stronger than ever We have reached up to 1300 players several years ago We have been and still are the greatest 614 PK-Server out on the market and will live up to our legendary name

Sikikscape V2 1 RSPS  Join Now  Play Instant RSPS

Join and play the most fun Runescape Private Server Ever ----------FEATURES OF SIKIKSCAPE V2---------- Theatre of Blood items CUST A Unique and creative, one of a kind touch on content and areas Dragon Flail Beautiful home area Server Support rank

EverusX - Monthly vote giveaways RSPS

EverusX is a completely new 718 RSPS server. Looking for staff and new players.

Elation 1 RSPS RSPS

Join us at Elation as we offer, better experience rates, IronmanHC Ironman, Gwd2 Bosses, T92 Weaponry, 88 Achievements, 10 Achievements Capes, Daily Challenges, Custom Minigames. We have everything that youre looking for.

Lunar 718 RSPS

Our goal is to bring back those 2013-2014 times with the 718 revisions. We aim to keep everything we do professional. Lunar will be around for a long time, even if the player base isnt as expected. We want everyone to just have fun.

Exquisite317 RSPS

Hello everyone Welcome to Exquisite317 The Brand new custom RSPS We have 500 customs, Player Owned Shops, Active and Helpful Staff, Active Player Base. I do daily updates properly and weekly client updates for more content and new items. We are growing fast so join today

Vengeful RSPS

Were a small economy server, OSRS based. We have several modes with different experience levels, a well voting xp boosts etc. Come and have fun with us, were all friendly

Encrypted 718  PVM  T90  OSRS ITEMS  RSPS

In Encrypted we offer the best PVM experience anyone can dream of. Over 25 bosses, private instancing, custom items drops, there is enough content for player to grind for months. We have a fully working Clan system with customizable motifs. An unseen feature, customizable Clan Homes and Clan Banks. We have a

TaleScape -525,317,667-PK SKILL ECO 40BOSSES ,2RAIDS, MORE RSPS

This project was started a few years ago and is now a server with heavy content and fun with all you can imagine. Perfect 525 integrated with OSRS combat animation system, PvM, 40Bosses, Pets, Summoning and Dungeoneering, Gambling, Dicing, Duel Arena Staking 100, come check us out Regular content update

BadouScape 317 ECO server. PETS, ZULRAH, BP RSPS

BadouScape is an ambitious and refined take on the traditional RSPS. We are a dedicated server with over a year lifespan and many more to come. ---------------------------------------------- Server Features Loot Viewer Teleport interface w history Custom Zulrah Ironman,

Cerberus Great Staff - OSRS Bosses - OSRS Items - Weekly Updates - 75Players  RSPS

About Cerberus Cerberus was found by Lexar In 2017. We are trying to offer a best experience to our players, weekly updates and great content You as a player, decide over updates, we are taking every suggestion in consideration, we want you to help us improve We are trying to run as many polls we can in...

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