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WoA - War Of Angels RSPS

Description New rsps server whit lots of custom content. All OSRS items Multi Zulrah whit Shared drops. Some Custom boss for raid items. Training zone whit training points. Custom Theiving stalls. And lots of more. Nice Events and looking for staff

Darxi 667  742 Content Packed RSPS

Daily Events Player Owned Shops Well Of Fortune SoF Achievements Custom Features Boss Drops Minigames Pets Daily Trivia Shooting Stars Active Owner Clean Content


Welcome to rigaur Some features Raids 1, Inferno, All skills, OSRS, Active staff Rigaur is OSRS based server. Owners are doing this as side project for school. We would appreciate if we could enjoy good company of everybody and make people happy with updates.

RuneWar  - Most Advanced RSPS 317 RSPS

Welcome to runewar, We are friendly and welcoming to anyone that joins out community, Our rsps is brand new and growing every single day. Here is some features that we have in-game as of now - 23 Bosses - Ironman - Hardcore Ironman - Prestige Ranks - 100 Achievements - Shooting Star - Evil Tree

RS-2006 Beta RSPS

RS-2006 Beta Were new 2006 era based server Join the beta and be a part of something being developed for the 2006 lovers

HypeScape RSPS

HypeScape is a new rsps revision 718 loading 742 cache. Brief Into- Minigames Barbarian Assault, Clan Wars, Pest Control, Fight Kiln, etc.. Bosses All Godwars dungeon bosses, corporeal beast, custom bosses, kingqueen black dragon, etc.. Skills All skills working including a full 60 Floors dungeoneering...

Saradomin RSPS 1 Custom Server RSPS

Donator rank may be earned by your effort Vote System Customs HiScores Donation System

Wisdom-PS 317 RSPS

317 Custom Server, Pretty new, need players, alot of customs and more added every month

Saradomin-RSPS RSPS

Amazing Vote rewards Highscore system Donation system Ruse based Server Vps hosted

LegendScape Server RSPS

LegendScape is a private RuneScape server. No shop, no donation, and no P2W. Join us now


Join one of the hottest up and coming RSPS We are new and looking for staff atm. We have a great economy with one of the best pking mechanics around. Not to mention all skills are trainable and have a range of challenging boss fights and of course raids. Log in to discover everything else we offer.

UmbraScape RSPS

Economy PK Gambling Nex Tormented Demons OSRS Bosses Ironman Ultimate Ironman Drop Log Kill Tracking Crashed Star Double EXP Weekends Trivia 100 Achievements Active Owner 25 Skills CompMax Cape YouTube Rank Prestige Points Boss Points Minimal Customs

StrafeRSPS 728 Boss Pets  Competitive Rates  Ironman  Real 120 Capes RSPS

StrafeRSPS 718728 Boss Pets Competitive Rates Ironman Real 120 Capes

HorizonX RSPS

HorizonX is a 317 rsps that's loading a higher revision content. We strive to make the server the way the players want it to be, not what we want as a staff team.

Saradomin-ps RSPS

Ruse based Server Vote system Highscore system Donation system Brang new

Tyrasps beta RSPS

Been tweaking and maintaining a server for almost 1 year, active staff, all osrs bosses working all osrs items working , full raids working, minimal bugs and glitches. Bug free duel arena and dicing system.

VernaPs Best rsps 2019 RSPS

Join our new best RsPs 2019 and check it out today

Darxi 667742 - PlayerShops  Quests  Achievements  Custom Features RSPS

Highscores Player Owned Shops Well Of Fortune SoF Achievements Custom Features 15Bosss 10 Minigames Daily Trivia Lucky Mystery Boxes Controlled Eco Daily Events Quests Highscores Falling Stars Hidden Penguins Raids Sinkholes Daily Trivia Daily Events AND MORE

The Dream RSPS

The Dream Have fun and enjoy the game As a leading new RSPS server since 2018 November, we believe that a little bit of fun can go a really long way. Our team of developers and mods work day in and day out to improve our gaming options, and continuously strive to better our game features. - 23 Bosses - 24...

OsPysea RSPS

NEW SERVER 100 OSRS Consistent Updates Tons of Bosses Trading Post Full Raids Inferno Rev Caves Achievement Diaries Amazing Gameplay Community Driven JOIN NOW

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