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Trident is a new packed rsps, loading on amulius base. The Pvm experience is amazing. Trident staff team is constituted of a professional engineer, and 1 student in computer science We're dedicated, join us today.

CRS V3 Remastered RSPS

Many people knew and grew to love and cherish Creative-Scape long ago. Creative-Scape was originally made in 2009 and went through many evolution's along the way. Many argue about what aspects were best during what time or version we were in, but to many it is obvious. That is why, I am here to anno

Amaterasu RSPS RSPS

718 Evo Revision. server features -21 bosses -7 working minigames -ironman,hc ironman modes -all skills working -unique home -rare recolours -drygores and third-age drygores -mbox exclusives -x2 xp weekends -prestige system -boss pets -friendly and active staff -pk friendly as well


brand new server needs staff party dung slayer, bounty hunter, mithril seeds and dice bag grand exchange, ironman, flawless pking, full screen, perfect combat RSPS

Daemonium is newly released rsps concentrating on your needs and on giving our players best gameplay they could experience.


OLDSCHOOL -RSTS- Music, Quests, Stronghold, Two worlds, DayNights

Atheena  VPS Hosted  Gambling  Active Community RSPS

-Features- Working drop table Working Dungeoneering Working Blow Pipe Custom Interface Teleports Working BlowPipe Player Panel Customizable Client 25 Skills 22 Bosess 8 Mini Games Working Trivia Reward System Player Owned Shops Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man Bank Tabs Dicing Dupe Free

ExemptionX 614 RSPS

ExemptionX 614 Perfect Pking Economy Skilling Dicing Duel Arena RSPS

Welcome to Prisma Live, a rebranding of the RuneScape Private Server known to many as Project Rainbow. We have plenty of customs, and were planning on always adding more

LazyScape 247 VPS 2006 Remake Online Highscores RSPS

Online 247 Online Highscores Major bug fixes 2006 Remake Register on the website in seconds http Play just like it was back in the day. Friendly player base chat to talk


GalaxyPS is a server that focuses on OSRS and Unique Custom Content. We strive to bring you, the players frequent unique updates and make sure that GalaxyPS is a fun experience for all players. GalaxyPS is centered around PvM, most of the time you will be hunting for our custom items by killing our custom...

SpectralOS RSPS

Welcome to the Spectral-OS, A 317 Economy based RSPS, There are many bosses features such as Cerberus, Zulrah, Kraken, Demonic Gorillas, Lizardman Shaman, Abyssal Sire, Ironman Mode, Ultimate Ironman Mode, OSRS Mode and so much more. Currently Online Being Developed, Feel free to download Experience it...

RelixScape RSPS

RelixScape is back and up and running Main Owner Ded Pker Were a friendly community 10 Bosses Ruse based Runescape Private server

Serenity-Scape RSPS

httpsdiscord.ggbGeUDCG Staff needed Vote for Donator rank Working 25 Skills Player owned shops Ruse based Runescape Private Server Bonus Vote points, EXP, Lottery Player Kill Points Custom Items

EdgeScape RSPS

Coming soon. EdgeScape is a 317 runescape private server. We offer you constant new content and updates. Our hard work will speak for itself. We welcome community from all nations, Our professional staff will always be there to help you. Edgescape has heaps of content to keep you satisfied.

mistps  source  client   New release  RSPS

Twisted bow, ancestral , arcane, divine, everything is in here Ready to pk, presets are here A lot of pvm Download the client here httpswww.mediafire.comfileve3zba8xioz796cCustomers.jar

Kingdom of Souls RSPS

Best server evar. Shoot salamanders, dont give any fs.


317Loading a 562 interface Eco-Based Gameplay Flawless PvM Combat Countless bosses with interactive fighting styles Custom interfaces shops Member perks, with multiple member ranks obtainable TONS of content, guaranteed to keep you entertained Active staff with weekly updates Integrated forums discord...

Perplexity317 RSPS

Customs safe gambling, raids, wishing well, achievements, pets, upgradable items - many items are upgradable, with increasing bonuses and special effects as they are upgraded

toxic-scape RSPS

Toxicscape- 317 server whitch of lot future new rsps friendly staff have small player base join use - 20 Boss Dr are added, - Staking, Gambling and Lottery added, - Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution, - Endless Graphic options. Dont let me spoil more Come online Expieri

UnleashedRS RSPS

Welcome to Unleashed We are a customs server with constant daily updates Feel free to hop and do a visit

Sintennial RSPS

Sintennial is a 508 revision. Please visit our forums at OR join our Discord at httpsdiscord.ggUXSyXZg Updated several times per week Active owner, holiday events, new content being added Come check us out as we continue to deliver more Hope to see you online

ElitePk Is Back always online pk and pvm RSPS

Feel free to join the server We growin nice, we have like 11 players now that plays everyday wanna join the community Come check it out

Alpas 1 pre-eocosrs mashup NEW RSPS

pre-eoc content gaurenteed to keep you busy for months 40 bosses great staff 5 custom game modes and more

Special-PKz RSPS

OSRS Data, Bank Tabs, Dupe Free Stable Economy, Fluid Smooth Client Fullscreen Resizeable, Tons of Minigames ,Perfect Skilling ,Flawless Combat, And much much more.

KooselScape - 718 RSPS RSPS

Looking for staff NEW SERVER

Rspscustomscapereborn RSPS

Tons of customs new bosses pets minigames and much more all skills working friendly staff come join now

AbsentRs RSPS

Player Shops Squeal Fortune Minigames Bosss Quests Daily Events Raids Customs Achievements Well Of Fortune Pets Failling Stars Sinkholes Highscores Discord Hidden Penguins

Infinite317 RSPS

With a unique economy and thriving community, infinite aims to be the top new RSPS. Our features include - IRONMAN - OSRS Extreme Mode x1 xp - Vorkath - Raids - Stable Gambling dbl xp weekends Need Staff


Welcome to RuneWar - Raids, Zulrah, 15 Players, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Extreme Mode, Vorkath, Kraken, Ice Queen, PvP, PvM, Well Of Good Will, Clan Wars, Events, Active Discord, Auto Vote, Auto Donate, 247-Online.

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