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SteroidsPk RSPS

Welcome to SteroidsPk, We are a Runescape Private Server on Steroids. Instant Pking Semi-Spawn Perfect Eco Pk Ticket System Bounty System Clan Pking Pre-Eoc Custom Bosses Minigames Skilling And lots more, Try it yourself

Tibikra Great server for PvM and PvP RSPS

Small but friendly community, Active PvM and PvP. Pets. Highscores with rewards and much more


Afrinity is a 742 server that moved its focus into RS3 content recently, it is still brand new, it has an active development team, who works hard to release constant weekly updates and content to our lovely community. It is still in its early production stage. Our Vision Getting a bit personal, i have...

Arlania - Perfect mixture of OSRS  Pre-EOC RSPS

Active Community Perfect mixture of Pre-Eoc OSRS Gambling Ironman Modes 1 Tick Combat Achievements FlawlessDuo Slayer Dungeoneering Full Construction Summoning All Minigames Custom Titles High Scores Boss Pets

Chivalry RSPS

Looking for a server unlike any others What do we offer - Shooting Stars Evil Tree - Minigames such as Soul Wars - Awesome accurate skilling Slayer Prestige 120 Achievements and Daily Tasks Client Settings - Play how you want Active PK Community

MillionszScape RSPS

directdownload httpmillionszScape.commillionszlauncher.jar

OSRS OS-Lapiz - Raids  POH  POS  Constant Updates  Fresh Eco RSPS

- Skilling PointsShop for every Skill - Player Owned Shops - Grand Exchange Home Incorporating POS - Player Owned Houses - POH Expanded through 5 Towns, 25 houses total available. - Amazing Skilling - Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man Mode - Hardcore Iron Man Mode - Hard Mode, Regular mode w Custom 5 Drop...

Rune Legacy RSPS

Rune Legacy is a RSPS brought to you by Genesis. Our goal as a server is to preserve the old school gameplay that RuneScape once had, but at the same time bring to you faster leveling and training. This is a Pk and Skilling based server.

Os Zyzia JUST RELEASED Join the adventure today 15 bosses bounty hunter great economy RSPS

-2 Modes to choose from, ironman, regular mode -108 Osrs Cache with all osrs items -All wildy bosses -Resource Zone -Lootshare -Slayer and Boss Npc Killcount -Choose your own waves for fight caves -Instanced Kraken -Stronghold Slayer Cave -Unique Teleport Menus -Regular, Ironman, and Ultimate...

District-scape new server 2017 hosted on vps 247 RSPS

District scape pking server We need staff ATM, we have just released Please vote for us Join in-game we have so many customs If the download link doesnt work contact me via Skype

Engene718 RSPS

Engene is a new 718 server, we promise that you will have a unique 718 experience followed by frequent updates we do our best to bring you the most enjoyable and none pay2win content updates. Server Features - All Skills Working - Player owned houses - with house locations - Iron man HC Iron man modes -...


Jagcache update server Downloads approximately 60mb upon startup for all non-osrs mapsanimationsobjects Client loader updates client directly from this 2 separate cache directories for .idx filessprites and another for settings, account saves We have a total of 14 cache indexes Live Server Test Server...

Hydrascape 639 2011 HD Pking Eco RSPS

Hydrascape 639 2011 HD Pking Eco is the best 2011 era server featuring all skills, completionist capes, boss fights, pkp shop, and more

ZeraPs New 317 Rsps server with daily events. Pking  Gambling  Pvm  Slayer  Minigames RSPS

Join Today Brand new server 1 week old 247 Online Server was online earlier to but after co-owner stole all server donation from server owner so we closed the server. Its now back up Client is 1 week old Every new players get free Donation box limited time on 10 players we do hide and seek with 1st...

Extinct Mode DMM RSPS RSPS

Bank Raids, OSRS Data, Zulrah, Fast Pace, and fully functional bank raids and more

WarScape RSPS

Custom Content Particles Played-Owned Shops Construction NPC Drop Tables All Working Skills 25 Bosses Pets

Vernox  Current OSRS Data  Inferno  Wyvern Caves  Economy  Revenant Cave  RSPS

Welcome to our thread. Vernox, providing a server which is unique, smooth, and original. Emulating the OSRS Protocol as much as we can, with the private server feel. Our community is growing via the power of word-of-mouth, and our loyal YouTubersStreamers. Feel free to check it out, leave feedback, advice,...

OS Corsair  1 OS Server  30 Bosses RSPS

Customized Edgeville Home OSRS Content Custom Banking PK Bots 140 Data Trading Posts Hella Achievements Minigames PvMing Customizable Client Pets Prestiging Perks

ExceedScape RSPS

Welcome to ExceedScape, here we aim to exceed over all other RSPS, you will experience the most mind blowing experience of your life Everyone is welcome Our RSPS is about the players Updates happen daily


EconomySkilling Server - HISCORES - Ironman- Key Bosses - Salamanders - PetsBoss Pets - Bounty hunter - 18 Bosses - Free Veteran Rank until 061618 - NEED BETA TESTERS - VOTEREWARD

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