ScapeRune 462 - Professional 2007 Emulator
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ScapeRune 462 - Professional 2007 Emulator

ScapeRune is a RuneScape emulator based on the 462 cache, which dates back to the middle of Summer 2007 July 4th, 2007. We believe that RuneScape played a very big part in all of our Summers of 2007, and that this era will give players enough content to keep things stirred up while still maintaining that nostalgic feel thats often sought after. We are the first and only 462 server in RSPS history, setting us apart from the rest. For those of you unfamiliar with this era, it is the last revision before items kept on death, while still including the game and interface engine update. It is loaded with lots of memorable features such as Construction, Hunter, Warriors Guild, Stronghold Of Security, Lunar Diplomacy, Barbarian Assault, and many more. Due to Jagex ruining their 2007 servers and letting things get out of hand, its time to give the real veteran players somewhere they can call home. we bring to you, ScapeRune 462.

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