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Engene is a new 718 server, we promise that you will have a unique 718 experience followed by frequent updates we do our best to bring you the most enjoyable and none pay2win content updates. Server Features - All Skills Working - Player owned houses - with house locations - Iron man HC Iron man modes - TaskAchievement System with unique rewards - random skilling rewards - LARGE PVM content - Quests - Clan Chat Clan Chat Task system - Random Game Events - Shooting star Evil Tree with unique rewards - Tier 90s including Sirenic FULL set Tectonic Full set ALL of the Seismic weaponry - unique Slayer rewards - Play2win - Rise of the Six Dominion Tower 8 more mini-games - Pets - 5 Slayer Masters including a bossing slayer master AND EVEN MORE Game Modes Normal - The normal game mode where you play without any restrictions. Iron Man - the same mode as in RS where you have to demand on your game knowledge to advance. Hardcore Iron Man - identical to the Iron Man mode but the only difference is that you only have one life same as RS HC Iron Man.

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