Jagcache update server Downloads approximately 60mb upon startup for all non-osrs mapsanimationsobjects Client loader updates client directly from this 2 separate cache directories for .idx filessprites and another for settings, account saves We have a total of 14 cache indexes Live Server Test Server We have 2 servers that run Armadyl, one is used for our live game and one for testing. Our test server loads characters directly from the live game, however progress is not saved. The test server has spawning. All updates are released here 1 week prior to the update being released cycle of updates for bug free releases Both servers are on centos with webmin Login systempunishment system The login system is linked to the forum meaning if you make an account on the forum you automatically have that account in-game or if you make an account in-game it is automatically created on the forum our forum is IPB4. This is the same for punishments, if you get banned in-game you automatically get banned on the forum or vise versa. You can also login to the homepage, and view your account page which contains your in-game skills, basic information Discord Integration Inside our server we have a discord bot that is not live yet, but it has been tested for a automated yell channel and automated discord gambling with in-game gold. Oldschool Maps The base of our server is pre-eoc, however we are able to add any oldschool map into our server by adding only the region id. Not only does this allow us to easily add oldschool maps but it also eliminates the problem that most servers have where a oldschool map would be added and it would remove pre-eoc objects. In our server, there is separate cache indexes for oldschool data. We had to change around the packets a lot converting stuff from shorts to ints Oldschool ItemsAnimationsNpcs All oldschool items, animations, and npcs have been pre-added to our game. Our item id list goes up to 60,000 while our objects go past 100,000. We also have this system added for 742 data but we havent fully completed it yet. Having both oldschool animations pre-eoc animations is a huge bonus for us because it allows us to have the oldschool whip animation and the pre-eoc whip animation in the same game even though they have the same frame IDs. Website Game Integration We have a system that allows us to speak from the website to the game easily allowing us to add certain things that we have for example when you purchase a item on the store it automatically will pop up on your account without you having to type claim or anything. We also use this system for joiningleaving clans. Auto Account Kicking Whenever a player is online and a player with the same ipjserial attempt to login to that account then it will automatically kick the players account as long as it meets the requirements not being in a pvp fight, etc

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