Coins | Crazzmc | Leviathan | Brat The Most Ambitious Project Yet We are an up and coming, well staffed RSPS dedicated to provide our players with the best gaming experience. Constantly looking to create new and exciting content, help support our players with issues, while maintaining high attention to reported bugs. It is our pleasure and responsibility that our server runs smoothly with you at our highest interest. *Credit to Vencillo Source Developers* Join our family today and enjoy the game! What do we Have? Special Shops Donator Vote Achievement Trivia Prestige Bosses Sea Troll Queen Barrelchest Corpororeal Beast Dagganoth Kings Godwars Ancient gorilla Kraken Giant Mole Hydra Cerberus Lizardman Shaman Skotizo Kalphite Queen Demonic Gorillas Vorkath Zulrah Minigames Raids Barrows Warrior's Guild Duel Arena Pest Control Fight Caves (only 15 waves!!) Inferno (With 69 rounds) Weapon Game Abyssal Nexus Barbarian Assault Extras Auto client launcher Osrs bank interface -- With Placeholders!!! Mining refinery -- A new Creative way to do Mining and Smithing Map Titles Custom Gear/Cosmetics Prestige options available Group Iron man, Hardcore/Regular Hard mode available Player Shops Lottery 22 Skills, with all ranges of training methods. And the list carries on! Our latest custom items created by Owner Coins, including: Monkey Assembler, Tri-brid Cerberus boots, Tri-brid Imbued Heart, and Tribrid Rings with drop rate bonus!!!

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