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Velheim RSPS - The best PRE-EOC server 2018

Divination - Prifddinas - Kalpite King - Drygores - Araxxor - Noxious - Completionist Cape - Player-owned houses - Player-Owned Ports - 4 Game Modes - 26 Skills - Boss Instances - Latest RS3 Cache

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game

BadKush Flawless Gameplay

Introduction Hello Adventurer Come checkout Our brand new RSPS BadKush First 50 Users Get Free Donator Status All new members also get a unique beta tester title Custom minigames, Custom recolors, Custom point shops Donation store and more Main Features Achievements Many minigames Mu

Extremity RSPS

Extremity offers a wide variety of content that is far different than anything youll find on other servers. Stop playing OSRS clones. Play something NEW. We offer a mix of OSRS, pre-EOC, and customized content, all balanced around each other to the finest degree.

Sanctaria - NEED STAFF - Brand new rsps

Agaroth- OSRSRS2RS3 best combination RSPS

Twisted bow, Raids, Nex, Torva, Dragon claws, Dragon warhammer, Revenants, Construction, Hunter, Summoning, Boss pets, 38 Bosses, Player owned shops, Grand exchange and so much more come checkit

Rigaur RSPS

Introduction Rigaur is a runescape private server based on a 317 revision. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality gameplay in runescape private server history. We have been online since August 2018 and have shown no signs of slowing down. We offer high quality,...

Mystic-PS Brand New  Need Staff  Raids 1  New Raid Items

Brand new server, including multiple bosses up to date with old school A few custom bosses and a new pvm skill being released soon Fully working max cape and skill cape perks. Active community and staff, in the need of staff currently

OS-Veldahar 1 OSRS Emulation

OS Veldahar Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards Great Olm The great olm is available for fight as well, including drops like the twisted bow Good luck Achievement Diaries 200 Tasks is what you are able to complete within...

EverusX - Monthly vote giveaways

New 718 server looking for players and staff


WELCOME TO The Dream RSPS We understand that you have been scrolling and clicking different servers to find the best one to dedicate your time to, so we will keep this simple and sweet. We have got a dedicated and active community and staff that loves our OSRS Updates with our own RSPS styled twists. We...

Vengeful RSPS

Were a small economy server, OSRS based. We have several modes with different experience levels, a well voting xp boosts etc. Come and have fun with us, were all friendly

Ulthium  Custom  Construction  More RSPS

- Tons of Customs - Active Development - 12 Bosses - Balanced Items - Balanced EXP - PVP - PVM - Econemy - Construction


Welcome to the upcoming ProjectUnity RSPS. Release date set for September 1st. At ProjectUnity you will find active staff ing or discord, friendly community, and a chance to put your ideassuggestions to better the server as we are new. We hope you enjoy your stay at ProjectUnity

Omega-X  Customs  Vote For Donator RSPS

Welcome to Omega-X httpomega-x.netLauncherOmegaLauncher.jar Also visit us on our website What to look forward to Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide our players with quality updates that the community has suggested. We have a very friendly and helpful staff team that...

Paradigm - Creating an Authentic OSRS Experience RSPS

Paradigm is making strides to create the ultimate old-school adventure. Whether youre into PVM, PVP, or just casual playing with friends - we aim to provide the most enjoyable experience thatll keep you coming back for more. Register today to have your say in how we create the ultimate adventure

Vestige-x OSRS  Customs  Community Driven Experience RSPS

Vestige-x Returns with an OSRS server. Back in late 2011 Vestige-x was a popular customs server. Vestige-x became fairly well known and shortly after, customs servers started appearing left, right and center. We were the first server to showcase the now infamous Pokemon models - Granted they were unanimated...

Arceuus - OSRS  Raids - Vorkath - Zulrah  MORE RSPS

Join the newest OSRS RuneScape Private Server innovation

Ventrix -NEW- Revs  Raids  Vorakth  Active  317

Ventrix is a server that not only had the great OSRS Pre-EoC experience, but also a custom feel to stand out from most of the RSPSs in the industry today. Its 6 months of work and has more and more coming everyday. We really believe in the long-term game, so were constantly going to be pushing awesome...

RuniteScape RSPS

Vorkath - Revenant Caves - 1B XP Capes - All Skills - Custom Donator Area - Mystery Chest RuniteScape, a contemporary portrayal for the world of Runescape Private Servers. LOADS MORE- CHECK US OUT

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