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Invicta-Pk - The 1 PK RSPS - Free Mbox RSPS

Welcome to Invicta-Pk The 1 PK RSPS Download start pking instantly Pking , Skilling , Bossing , Minigames , Customs , Custom pets.

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game RSPS

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game

Ghrazi RSPS

Come join fellow adventurers we have plenty of major content planned. This is our passion. - Zulrah - Clue scrolls - Active friendly staff - Professional development - Plenty of OSRS Bosses - Perfect PVP - Custom gameplay


SnowRSPS is a Custom 07 Runescape remake private server Online 24.7 since 2012, We were known as Snow317 for years, but now we own all Snow names, and will continue to Grow Join us Anytime. Many Others - 1000 Custom Items - 50 Bosses - AutoDonations -...


We are a strong economy based server. You can skill or train combat to gain the best weapons and become rich and known on the server.

VortexRS3 RSPS

Cosmetic Overrides - 30 Boss Pets - Daily Updates - 2 Ironman modes - Treasure Hunter - Completionist Capes - Most content-All Skills-

RuneGuild - Brand New RSPS

Brand new server with a awesome friendly community. HD defs, summoning, dung, money pouch, nex, duo slayer, inferno, better combat, curses, wildywyrm, evil tree, crashed star, arena, pvp tourneys, drop log, kill log and loads more.

Runecessor - OSRS - Were Back

Your Home Since 2014 - Welcome Back - Runescape Reloaded A Server made for YOU BY YOU - Active Staff - Some Customs - Great Community - Quests - Achievements - Discord - Pets Custom Pets - Competitive High Scores - All Working Skills - OSRS More Bosses - Frequent Updates - Minigames


AscensionRS, -We are a brand new 317 server ready to be open to players. -It is a highly custom server with unique content for all players to enjoy. -We have over 40 zones for you to get the best loot and rise to the top -We have custom minigames for you to grind, starter tasks, custom slayer masters and...

Zeah - The Sixth Age

- Automated OSRS GP Vouchers every 35 minutes Exchange with staff for free OSRS GP - Automated PokeCoins to buy PotionsPokeballs at the Poke PC - Pokemon Stadium, an interactive player vs player battle, where you can battle your Pokemon, just like a gameboy battle, except with staking. Every Pokemon Move...

BadKush Flawless Gameplay RSPS

Introduction Hello Adventurer Come checkout Our brand new RSPS BadKush First 50 Users Get Free Donator Status All new members also get a unique beta tester title Custom minigames, Custom recolors, Custom point shops Donation store and more Main Features Achievements Many minigames Mu


The no.1 RS3 RSPS - Economy - 27 skills - 25x rates - Ironman support - Revo support - T90 bossing - Full 1-120 slayer - Boss collection logs - so much more

Brutal Ps - The 1 Custom Rsps RSPS

Best custom rsps out to date, over 40 players online daily come join the grind

Mystic-ps  Weekly Updates  Active Community  OSRS Data  Runelite  Up-To-Date With OSRS  JOIN NOW  RSPS

Click to join discord Weekly Updates Active Community OSRS Data Runelite Up-To-Date With OSRS JOIN NOW Fully integrated Runelite.


Custom RSPS Freign-PS Alot of Custom items Customs bosses Customs Contens Custom Home Nice donator benefits Nice staff 247 Online Download httpswww.dropbox.comsgymslpqaqukl6h9Freign-PS20V1.0.jardl0

Deaths Server New Development  Open BETA  Boss Point Shop  24-7 Uptime

tons of content, custom items, custom bosses, need staff amp advertisers. feel free to join us at any time.

OS-Veldahar 1 OSRS Emulation RSPS

OS Veldahar Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards Great Olm The great olm is available for fight as well, including drops like the twisted bow Good luck Achievement Diaries 200 Tasks is what you are able to complete within...


Welcome to nardah, we have just launched we have some amazing content like theatre of blood and alchemical hydra and even the drakes.

Runixscape RSPS

Dedication to our players is our top priority The development team is constantly creating new updates, but unlike other RSPSs, RunixScapes developers will take advice from players and make updates based on that. Dont believe it Visit our Wiki or contact the support team. Halo and Skyrim Items Halo Warthog...

Asteria X - Economy RSPS

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls

HyperionBR 718 742 RSPS

HyperionBR servidor totalmente brasileiro Servidor com tima funcionalidade, muito divertido com uma quantia moderada de jogadores onlines por dia, est esperando o que para vir conhecer HyperionBR

Extremity RSPS

Extremity offers a wide variety of content that is far different than anything youll find on other servers. Stop playing OSRS clones. Play something NEW. We offer a mix of OSRS, pre-EOC, and customized content, all balanced around each other to the finest degree.

PkOwnage RSPS

178 Data - Custom Edgeville Home - Login PK - Ingame PVP Highscores - Killstreaks - Welfare Premade PK Sets - Preloading sets - GE PVP - Clan Wars Safe PK - PVP Tournaments - All 3 Ironman Modes - All Skills Working, Skilling Island, Skilling Pets, Skilling Rewards - All Working Max Capes - 25 Bosses

OS Kingdom - Where Heroes become Kings RSPS

Welcome to OS Kingdoms official advertisement thread Here at OS Kingdom we strive to emulate some of OSRSs best features and content. We currently have over 20 up to date bosses to choose from. We also have 5 mini-games such as Raids, Districts and Clan Wars . Content aside, OS Kingdom offers a great...

Magik Dynasty

New 667 server in beta, looking for beta testers and dedicated staff to help get the server out of beta into an official release. All players who help throughout the beta will be rewarded.

Velheim - Free Donator for New Players RSPS

26 fully functioning skills, All latest RS3 content on a PRE-EOC client, An authentic server with NO customs. Mining Smithing rework, Wilderness slayer, Vorago, Prifddinas, Araxxor, GWD2, ROTS, etc.


Were really glad youve decided to have a look at our advertisement page. We know youre probably ready to see some pictures or possibly already have, so well keep our explanation of what exactly Salve is short and sweet. Were a brand new server that has been in development for well over a year now and we have...

Rebel317 ll 700 Customs ll ECO RSPS

Rebel317 is a custom economy RSPS, we have tons of unique flawless custom content to keep our players entertained. You can expect custom mini-games, scam proof gambling, custom quests, a lot of achievements, custom maps, unique teleportation, custom interfaces, custom items, custom NPCS, custom currency,...

Betrayal-Ps RSPS



All the latest OSRS and Pre-EOC content. We have so much unique never before seen content for you to explore. Player Owned Shops Unqiue Bossing Minigame Custom Summoning and much much more. Fight difficult bosses such as Cerberus, Nex and Corp

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